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Parquets Alexandra was introduced in 2007.


I come from a family where everyone has entrepreneurship in their blood. I watched my father build his company successfully. I had the good fortune of acquiring experience and fantastic values from a very early age. As a teenager, I dreamed of founding my own company. When an opportunity arose in 2007, I did not hesitate for a second to create Parquets Alexandra.

From the very beginning, my goal was to develop a product that blends beauty and quality. It was with this in mind that our two collections were created: Intemporel, pre-oiled hardwood flooring, and Expression, prefinished hardwood flooring. These are two distinct finishes that offer a range of species and colours to let you express yourself with style—and with no compromise on quality.

To reach the goals I set, I surrounded myself with a team of professionals I am really proud of. Without a strong team, a company cannot grow. Like me, they are eager to excel and to satisfy customers looking for a distinguished product to adorn their floors.

A quality product, a quality team and, of course, quality in our customer relationships—this is what lies at the heart of the Parquets Alexandra vision. To become consumers’ first choice, we have to know how to talk to them. And before talking to them, I believe we first have to listen to them. Respect is fundamental in my company. This is how our customers are treated. We are always attuned to their requests and requirements. I make it my duty to be present and accessible and to select our retailers and distributors rigorously to encourage service excellence and profitable competitiveness, two criteria that form the basis of a long-term relationship.

I want to lay the foundations for a long and prosperous collaboration, and I thank you for your confidence and loyalty.



Who ever says young entrepreneurs means hard work. A young enterprise growing up, that’s what describes Parquets Alexandra. One of our strengths is that all employees, from the president to management to employees, are motivated by the passion to succeed. This motivation prompts us to work better, harder and more intensively. Our commitment to the enterprise ensures that we give the best of us to you, dear customers. Our passion is to create products in your image. We can meet your needs because we know you. 

At Parquets Alexandra, we got rid of the cumbersome bureaucracy! We prefer spending our time to carry out on-the-spot checks. Our team oversees every stage of production, from the purchase of the raw material to the delivery of your floor. As soon as the tree is cut, the quality control begins. Our consistency made our reputation and we continue to work to become more competitive, while maintaining our quality. Our investment allows us to optimize every inch of wood and to offer you the best possible quality.


Choosing Parquets Alexandra for your projects translates your dreams into reality!


Conservation and renewal of our natural resources is now a leading issue in the market. At Parquets Alexandra, we understand this and we are making every effort to protect our environment and to ensure the future of the next generations.