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Parquets Alexandra offer new colors that include some techniques below

To better understand our new Textured products you will find here the different processes used to create our news colors

Color Superimposition

A new process allows us to add a background color before applying the final color. This superimposition allowed us to create beautiful combinaisons with the different texture below !


The Brushed finish brings out the grain of the wood, allowing depper application in the fiber. Products created with a Brushed effect allow more authenticity and a more natural aspect of the wood.


The Antiqué finish gives an old effect to the wood. With its random marks, the process break the usual monotony of a uniform floor. Products created with an Antiqué effect give the impression that your floor have a story to tell. 


The Bandsaw finish adds chiseling marks to the wood. Very fashionable at the moment, this alteration to the natural lines of wood will make you dream. Products created with a Bandsaw effect are the very image of modernity.